Throwback Thursday: My first blog of my first year in la belle province

I love that moment in the morning stepping out onto the porch when I search my mind for the source of the smell of wood in the morning. Then it dawns on me, ITS TREES IDIOT. And I (we) own them! Well the bank owns them presently, but every month a little tiny leaf of them becomes ours forever.

As children a lot of girls long for big weddings, pretty clothes, nice big houses and fancy cars with handsome husbands. I wanted a house on the hill, with lots of cats and to be able to write books. Oh, and a smoking hot cowboy husband. Well, my house is at the foot of a mountain and I have dogs not cats. (Turns out I prefer animals I can order around.) And my husband is a handsome hockey player instead of a cowboy, but whatevs. Hockey sticks or cattle brands, they both have a certain kink to them!

For that brief perfumed moment in the morning, I can put aside the fact that I need a water softener, the dogs are digging an even bigger trench under my treasured wrap-around porch that is slowly sinking and there are hand prints and dog snot all over my coveted extra long widows and I just think how freaking lucky I am that I am finally here! Turns out, I am a city hater. The traffic gave me heartburn, the smell reminded me of an outhouse and surprise, I hate having neighbours. I yearned for freedom, dewey grass under barefeet and sipping coffee on my porch in my nightgown with no one gawking at weirdo me.

To be continued….

Iphone 003

Meanwhile, back at the farm.

Iphone 305

Five years in our rural adventure and life is new every day. Just when we think we’re getting the swing of living out here, on our own water, maintaining our own road, and life in an older home something new happens!

I’ve opened an Etsy shop  to sell my jewelry, vintage items and miniature doll house items. Crafting, vintage and miniature items has always been a fascination for me and so the shop reflects what I personally love. :) See the side bar for the items for sale on the store or click on the link above.

Over time we added two rabbits and since then they’ve passed away. We’ve also adopted an adorable little kitten who is an excellent mouser and even better squirreller (yes, poetic license to make that word up!). I call her Little Bit because she’s a little bit of trouble, little bit sweet and little bit spunky! I knew that first day when she tackled the pesky squirrel that got into the house that was twice her size she was a sassy little thing!

Join me on Instagram to view pics from the homestead and updates on the store.

My vision for this blog is to offer little snapshots to the world of our adventure so far and the crazy days to come. I hope you join us.